The Silver Shop came to life when one female entrepreneur decided to share her love for sterling silver rings. This collection started when she was traveling in her early 20s; she would pick up a silver ring at each country she ventured to. By the end of her travels, not one finger was bare. She loved the story the rings were able to tell, but she especially loved how they looked on her hands!

Our collection of unique sterling silver rings and jewelry are designed with the highest quality 925 silver. Each ring is made with a story behind it. We want you to express your own style with our designs!

Our goal was to build a business that offers high-quality jewelry AND makes people feel good—a company that gives back and inspires others to do the same. In other words, beautiful jewelry for a good cause. All in the name of providing sustainable feminine hygiene products for girls in need worldwide. Lack of female sanitation products in some parts of the world is a grim reality for many women. This lack of sanitary supplies can cause them to miss up to two months of school or work every year. The Silver Shop believes no woman should have to experience this.

Every month we donate a portion of our profits to the Days for Girls Foundation so that you can feel good about each purchase your making and know that it's helping a girl in need. We thank you for each donation as we strive to bring sustainable feminine hygiene kits to girls in need worldwide. Talk about #GirlPower!



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